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How do I claim a First Home Owners' Grant?
My partner and I are both eligible for the First Home Owner Grant. Will we receive it twice?
What are the costs involved for a Home Loan?
What are your current interest rates?
What documentation do I need to provide?
What happens if interest rates go up or down?
What is FATCA?
What is a deposit bond?
What is pre-approval?
What is Stamp Duty? How much do I have to pay?
What is the minimum length of time I must be employed for before I can apply for a home loan?
What statements will I receive?
What type of home loans do Monument Financial Offer?
When is the best time to make repayments on a loan so that I may save on interest?
Can I make extra repayments?
Can I pay out my loan early?
Can I split my home loan between different loan accounts?
Can I switch my home loan to a fixed interest rate?
Can I switch to a different home loan?
Do your lenders offer Interest Only loans?
For what purpose can I borrow?
How is interest calculated?
How long does it take to get approval?
How long does pre-approval last?
How much can I borrow?
How much deposit do I need?
 How much is the First Home Owner Grant worth?
How much will my repayments be?
I'm self-employed. Can I borrow from your lenders?
What are Superfund Home Loans?
What if I have a complaint?

Professional Services & Loans

Tax and Accounting

Tax & Accounting services are provided by qualified accountants at Monument Financial and also able to advise on the best tax structures for your business including partnerships, companies and trusts. Don’t pay excess tax that you may not need to.

Home Loans

Buying your first home will most probably be the first major financial decision you have had to make, and it is exciting as well as daunting. This is why it is very important that you gain as much knowledge as possible on all areas, especially with regard to your first home loan.

Business Loans

Business Finance settlement to either set up a new business, access a better rate or even provide some much needed working capital. Our lending managers can put you in touch with a lender to suit your needs.

Investment Loans

Investment is a great way to build wealth and secure your financial future. Good property investors seek professional investment property advice from experienced mortgage brokers such as Monument Financial, to ensure they have the right loan structure for their needs.

Finance Products

Monument Finance Team have a wide variety of lenders who will lend for business or for personal use assets. Interest rates will vary depending on the assets and whether they are secured or unsecured. As rates change daily it is best to contact a lending manager to give you a quote appropriate to your needs. All rates are extremely competitive with the big banks and the process is simple.

Insurance Products

Insurnace is very important to have your assets protected. Your biggest asset is yourself so its important to protect your family if something should happen to you. We have low cost Life, TPD and Sickness and Accident policies which will give you your peace of mind.

Real Estate Advice

Monument Financial have a qualified Real estate agent who can direct you to properties sources according to your area, budget and other personal requirements. If you are looking at constructing a new home in a certain area we can show you areas and plans that may be what you are looking for.

Super Fund Advice

Super Fund will now be the biggest part of our retirement as we do not know how much longer there will be an aged pension. Many people are disillisioned with their current superfund. They feel that their superfund is not being managed properly as the returns are low and the fees are high.


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